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Ausha Organic Jackfruit Powder 250g


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Jackfruit Powder can be used in baking as Gluten Free Ingredient.It can also added to cereals, porridge, juice, protein shakes and consumed.
Blood Sugar Control – Consuming Jackfruit Powder may Help in controlling blood sugar levels as there are new researches supporting it.

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  • Gut Health Benefits – Jack fruit powder is a Gluten-free food, Aids in improving Gut Health, weight management .It has high levels of soluble fibre and much lower levels of carbohydrate and calories as compared to wheat and rice.
  • Immunity – Jackfruit powder is rich in vitamin C which acts as an immunity booster.
  • Preparation – Our Jackfruit powder is made from Raw Green Unripe Jackfruit which helps in getting a lesser Sweeter taste to the product.
  • Baking: Jackfruit powder can be mixed with other flours while baking. It can be added to cake batters, with common ingredients like maida or wheat flour, to prepare healthy cakes 3 .
  • Healthy Drinks: You can prepare a healthy drink by mixing one or two spoons of jackfruit flour with milk, and adding a bit of cardamom powder for taste
  • Dietary Fibre – By incorporating jackfruit powder into your cooking, you can benefit from its high levels of soluble fiber, lower levels of carbohydrates, and rich content of vitamin C and potassium

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