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This journey began when we moved to the UK about fifteen years ago with the colonial dream of starting a new life in a different country. Having travelled and lived in 3 different countries over twenty years, we were finally settling down in this country and we never imagined we’d be calling it home fifteen years later. One element that has always stood out though is our connection to home, India, more so Madras now known as Chennai. It is an aspect that is in our DNA, love for food, spices and bright colours that brighten our days and lives. Living in the UK might have rubbed off on us but this connection we have to Home is undeniable. From festivals, ceremonies and rituals that we constantly celebrate in our own ways, it is the dishes that we make, with ingredients that take us back to our childhood, and that feeling of being wrapped in a hug from our loved one thanks to the aroma that emanates from these dishes that make up for all that we miss out due to the distance. We all make up for it by over-shopping when in India.


Buying multiple packets of dals, podis, chutney-mixes, all in the hope that they will last us till the next time we get to go home. We follow this routine only because we want that comfort food to brace the unforgiving English weather and palette that is usually dull and grey. On days that we scraped off that last bit of Kaapi powder from the well-refrigerated box, gave us a sinking feeling and that lead us to our first Aha moment, when we realised that we could be the change we wanted to see. Why not bring all that we loved and lived for into the UK. That is how we birthed Aha Bazaar and we promise to bring home closer.

The Aha! Promise


Quality & Food Safety

The bedrock of Aha Bazaar’s business and reputation.


True Partnership

With suppliers and associates to encourage a relationship based on mutual respect, professional behaviour and business integrity.



To promote and ensure responsible and ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

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