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Grami Natural Brown Top Millet (Chotti Kangni/Andu Korralu/Korale) – 500g

Grami Natural Brown Top Millet (Chotti Kangni/Andu Korralu/Korale) – 500g
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Grami Natural Brown Top Millet (Chotti Kangni/Andu Korralu/Korale) – 500g

Brown Top millet, also known as pala pul in Tamil, Kannada (Korale), and Telugu (Andakorra), is the all garden native to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It used to grow in the forest and was consumed by meat-eating wildlife and jungle inhabitants. Gluten-free, nutrient-dense whole grains have restored their place in our kitchen cabinets as a result of their essential therapeutic benefits.

Alternative Names:

PalaPul | Andakorra | Korale

Languages Names:

குலசாமை (Tamil), ಬ್ರೌನ್ ಟಾಪ್ ರಾಗಿ (Kannada)

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Grami Natural Brown Top Millet (Chotti Kangni/Andu Korralu/Korale) – 500g

Brown top millets are widely grown in dry regions of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and north-central India. These millets can be grown in dry soil with little water. They are drought and heat resistant crops, and their ability to tolerate shadows distinguishes them from other crops. Brown top millet is grown extensively in the United States, Asia, Africa, Australia, and China, in addition to India.

In hilly areas, brown top millet is known to help stabilise soil erosion. Because the grass is tall, it provides a shield for slightly faster crops. The process of reseeding is very simple and easy, and the seed remains viable in the soil for years, making it an impressive regenerative food for wildlife.

How To Use Brown Top Millet (Chotti Kangni/Andu Korralu/Korale)
Brown Top millet Dosa
Brown Top millet Idli
Brown Top millet Adai
Brown Top millet Pongal

Brown Top Millet (Chotti Kangni/Andu Korralu/Korale) Benefits
Brown Top millet is an excellent rice alternative because it keeps you satiated and slows down stomach emptying, making it an ideal grain for diabetics.
Brown Top millet is gluten-free, making it an excellent choice for people with celiac disease and digestive problems.
Because they are high in protein, fibre, and low in carbohydrates, these little millets lower bad LDL cholesterol, prevent clot formation in the airways, and improve heart function.
Include Browntop millet in your regular meal plan to meet calcium and phosphorus requirements for fighting brittle bones, fractures, inflammation, and lower your rate of bone loss and other disabling bone disorders.
Replacing millets for rice on a daily basis can help to reduce fat storage and improve digestion.

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