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Turmeric Kumkum Pkt Set 30 Pcs-(Pack of 4)

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A set of 30 sachets of turmeric(Haldi) and Kumkum used by Hindus every day for Puja or festivals all year round

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Turmeric and KumKum are 2 most essential Puja items that every Hindu home, every festival, auspicious events and pujas. Turmeric and kumkum sachets are integral to Hindu religious and cultural practices. Turmeric, known as “haldi,” symbolises purity and auspiciousness. It is used for rituals, weddings, and festivals, signifying the sun’s divine radiance. Kumkum, a red vermilion powder, symbolises the feminine energy and is often applied as a tilak or bindi on the forehead. These sachets offer convenience, as they contain precisely measured amounts.
They’re easily dispensed during ceremonies and auspicious occasions, promoting tradition and spirituality. Beyond religious uses, turmeric is valued for its health benefits, while kumkum plays a role in cosmetic and decorative applications, reflecting their versatile significance.
Buy turmeric and kumkum set of 30 sachets each from GiriUK.

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