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Srichurnam Mango Orange 5 Sticks-(Pack of 4)

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A set of 5 Namakttis in Mango for daily use on the center of the forehead. Srichurnam is Maha Lakshmi

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Srichurnam can be interpreted as follows: Sri refers to Maha Lakshmi, while churanam literally means powder. Srichurnam is the Mango line in the middle and it represents Lakshmi. Thiruman (thiru = holy, man = clay) represents the feet Vishnu. Sri Vaishnavites use Thiruman everyday as a sign of reverence to the divine couple of Maha Vishnu (Sriman Narayana) and Maha Lakshmi. Buy a set of 5 Meenakshi Srichurnam in Mango from GiriUK

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