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Rangoli Stencils – 8.5 Inches | Making Beautiful Kolam/ Round Shape

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Rangoli is an ancient Indian art form where intricate patterns are created on the floor using colored powders or other materials. This beautiful piece takes inspiration from this cultural heritage and elevates it to a whole new level of elegance and sophistication.
Velvet Rangoli (Round design) is a simple yet elegant decorative piece that combines the timeless charm of traditional Indian Kolam art with the luxurious material of velvet.
The centerpiece of the Velvet Rangoli is a mesmerizing Rangoli design, richly adorned with vibrant hues and captivating patterns. The use of velvet as the base material adds a plush texture.
The velvet surface is skillfully embroidered with fine threads and delicate sequins, creating an opulent feel. The combination of traditional Rangoli motifs and contemporary design elements ensures that this piece complements any decor style, be it classic, modern, or a combination.
Its dimensions are provided below. You can use it as a captivating centerpiece in your puja, during Navaratri (in front of golu), Diwali, or any other festival. Alternatively, it can be hung on the wall as an eye-catching decorative accent.
This exceptional Velvet Rangoli Round is perfect for adding a touch of cultural elegance to your home during festive occasions, family gatherings, or celebrations. Its traditional design will captivate guests and serve as a conversation starter.
Moreover, the Velvet Rangoli Round makes for a creative gift choice for any special occasion.
To preserve the beauty of the Velvet Rangoli Round, we recommend gentle spot cleaning when necessary. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or harsh elements to maintain the quality for years to come.

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Weight 18 g
Dimensions 8.5 cm
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