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Kopparai (Dried Coconut) for Homam/Havan-(Pack of 4)

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A single dried coconut, also known as ‘Kopparai’. Ideal for Agni Homa (Havan). 200g.

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Homa, also known as Havan, is a Hindu ritual dedicated to the Fire God, Agni Deva. The devotees set up Homa (Havan) kund, within which they start a fire. Certain items are used in particular – including samith (twigs), dried cowdung cakes, ghee and karpooram (camphor). Another important item for Homa is Dried Coconut, known in Tamil as Kopparai.Coconut is considered one of the most auspicious items. It is an ancient custom to break a coconut before any important event – from small poojas, to weddings, to moving into a new house, and more. It is also a vital ingredient in many recipes throughout India, especially in the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.Buy this 200g Kopparai (dried coconut) from Giri UK.

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