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Giri Thamboolam Set | Sumangali Set/ Thambulam Pack/ Return Gift for Navaratri & Varalakshmi Pooja

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Giri’s Compact Gift Box Set, a collection of high-quality products carefully curated for religious occasions and festivals. This all-in-one combo set is perfect for presenting guests and loved ones with a thoughtful and meaningful gift during special events, particularly during Navratri vetrilai paaku.
The Giri Gift Box Set includes:
Pure Henna Powder: A natural and pure form of henna that can be used for intricate mehndi designs during festive celebrations.
Set of Elegant Glass Bangles: A beautiful set of glass bangles that add a touch of elegance and traditional charm to any outfit.
Sacred Yellow Thread: A sacred yellow thread, commonly known as raksha sutra or mangalsutra, symbolizing protection and auspiciousness.
Small Mirror: A compact mirror, handy for personal grooming and reflection during religious rituals.
Turmeric & Kumkum Powder Sachets: Sachets containing turmeric and kumkum powders, essential elements for traditional Hindu rituals and applying tilak or sindoor.
Bindi Packet: A collection of decorative bindis, used as a forehead adornment by women during festive occasions.
Kajal: A small tube of kajal, a traditional eye cosmetic used for beautification and to ward off evil eye.
Mini Comb: A handy mini comb for grooming and maintaining neat and tidy appearance.
Kolam & Image of God: A kolam, a decorative art form made with rice flour, and an image of a Hindu deity, bringing auspiciousness and divinity to the surroundings.
This Gift Box Set from Giri is thoughtfully designed to cater to the traditional offerings and gifting needs of Hindus. It serves as an ideal return gift item for various occasions such as pooja ceremonies, weddings, engagements, housewarming, shashtiabdapoorthi, and more.The compact and user-friendly design of the Giri Gift Box makes it easy to carry and present to your guests, ensuring that they receive a memorable and complete gift set that reflects the rich cultural heritage and traditions. Make your guests feel special and cherished with the Giri Compact Gift Box Set. Buy this exclusive combo pack online and delight your loved ones with a meaningful and comprehensive gift.

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