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BS Coffee Dabara Set Plain – 160 Gms

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A coffee dabara set is a traditional coffee brewing and serving set that is frequently used in South India, particularly in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is also referred to as a South Indian Coffee Set or a Madras Filter Coffee Set.
Coffee Dabara Set is made especially for making and consuming the well-liked South Indian-style filter coffee.
For making and serving coffee, the Coffee Dabara Set offers a distinctive and age-old method. It is renowned for making a pot of coffee that is robust, fragrant, and tasty.
South Indian filter coffee is a staple of social occasions and daily life in South India, and it has cultural importance.
The Coffee Dabara Set is frequently used in homes, coffee shops, and traditional gatherings and is frequently seen as a representation of South Indian hospitality.
The Coffee Dabara Set offers a unique and pleasurable method to appreciate the flavours of filter coffee made in the South Indian tradition.
Coffee Dabara Set provides a rich cultural experience that coffee lovers and people who value traditional brewing techniques adore.
This metal coffee dabara serves up the authentic feel of our tradition and culture.

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Weight 160 g
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 cm
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