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Zishta Cast Iron Kadai Medium

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Potato roast, ladies finger fry or the tastiest of the chicken or fish fry, the distinct taste of making it in cast iron kadai is memorable.
Zishta pre-seasoned cast iron kadai is made using the traditional sand moulds from the local river sand, known for it’s speciality of fine sand as it is in a high flow region of the river. Pure railway grade iron is used in the casting process.

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The thickness & quality of Zishta cast iron kadai gives it longer life, higher iron density, retains heat longer and consumes less oil. Your curries tastier now and no more harmful chemicals in your kitchen.
Traditional use of Iron and CAST IRON dates back many centuries.
Age old cooking used cow dung or wood fire as fuel for cooking and cast Iron provided the most effective medium to retain heat and cook food evenly.
Authentic hand made cast iron products are made heavy and thick to help in better cooking process as Indian cuisine involves steady and long duration slow cooking.
The artisans of Tenkasi have mastered the art of making cast iron over last 150 years.
The key ingredient into making the best cast iron cookware is the sand cast made of the local river sand.
The finesse of the sand used helps in making cookware with minimal surface carbon deposition.
Sand moulds made in shape of different cookware is first created and molten iron is poured into these moulds and cooled.
The result is smooth surfaced, low carbon cookware with high density iron making it one of the most durable cast iron cookware.

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Weight 2200 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 7.5 cm
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