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MiM Idli Dosa Delight Combo

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Introducing the irresistible Meal in Minutes Idli Dosa Delight Combo, your ultimate solution for a delightful and hassle-free Idli and Dosa meal. This exceptional combo includes Udaya’s premium Idli/Dosa batter, expertly crafted to perfection, making it the ideal Idli Dosa combo. Accompanying this delicious batter are three tantalizing Chutnefy chutneys: the rich and nutty Peanut chutney, the tangy Tomato chutney, and the refreshing Mint Chutney. To complete this exquisite platter, we have included a lip-smacking Sambar, making it the perfect Idli and Dosa breakfast special or a satisfying meal for any time of the day. This Dosa and Idli delight is a South Indian combo meal designed to cater perfectly to a family of four. Indulge in the convenience, authentic flavors, and the breakfast combo with Idli and Dosa that the Meal in Minutes Idli Dosa Delight Combo brings right to your plate.

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The MiM Idli Dosa Delight Combo comprise of a pack of Udaya’s Idli / dosa batter, 3 Chutnefy chutneys (Peanut chutney, Tomato chutney and Mint Chutney) and a Sambar. Sufficient for breakfast, evening tiffin or dinner for a family of 4.

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