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Giri Agnihotra Set – 690Gms

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Agnihotra – The Vedic Science of Healing Kit _x000D_
“He who performs Agnihotra, verily becomes never failing in prosperity and glory, and attains to the fellowship of the deities, and to an abode in their world”. Thus says the Vedas on the greatness of Agnihotra. _x000D_
Giri is privileged to offer to the world a user friendly Agnihotra kit for their daily ablutions. The special future of this kit is its unique handy design, and the purity of substances used in making it. _x000D_
Uses: _x000D_
Agnihotra is a daily ritual to be performed by every person seeking good health, purity of thoughts and body and prosperity. It is performed everyday exactly at the time of sunrise and sunset using a small copper pyramid havankund with specific size. Agnihotra is done using dried cow dung cakes, ghee and offering of a little rice, chanting special mantras. The combinations of the vibrations of the sounds of the powerful mantra and the timing and ingredients results in generation of high levels of positive energy aura. The healing effect of Agnihotra is also present in the resultant ash. Agnihotra is a Vedic science with proven abilities to balance life. _x000D_
The Set contains: _x000D_
* 1 – Pyramid Shaped Copper Havan Kund _x000D_
* 1 – Stand _x000D_
* 1 – Copper Spoon (For pouring Ghee) _x000D_
* 1 – Akshata _x000D_
* 1 – Copper Fork (For removing Ash and Handling Embers) _x000D_
* 1 – Copper Small Cup _x000D_
* 1 – Camphor _x000D_
* 1 – Procedure Manual for performing Agnihotra _x000D_
* 1 Bottle Pure Ghee (1Grams) _x000D_
* Dry Cow Dung Cake

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Weight 690 g
Dimensions 10.16 × 15.24 × 15.24 cm
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