Vegan Gulab Jamon Pre Mix 100g

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What could possibly give you more joy than knowing that your very favourite pre-vegan days sweet – the GULAB JAMUN can now be made VEGAN! The very-first, all-vegan, melt-in-the-mouth, do-it-yourself dairy-free Gulab Jamun premix is here! Its moist, its decadent and its pure indulgence. Just like the regular Jamuns, but different. No additives and preservatives. Just follow the instructions on the packet and you?ll have yourself a bowl of sweet roundels which (trust us) you?ll not want to share.


The premix only has dry ingredients – you could bake the roundels, you could fry them in the oil of your choice. You could use Stevia or Maple Syrup as the sweetener. The creativity is up to you.


In stock