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Suswaad Rava Laddu 200g (6 nos.)


These are sweets that are also seen as a great snack option throughout the year. It is made with sooji that is roasted and mixed with ghee and rolled into balls along with roasted cashews and raisins. This is a year- round favourite of kids and adults alike.

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Rava laddu is a sweet that is very unique to certain pockets of India. Rava Laddu is an emotion some people grow up with. This unique sweet is made with ingredients such as semolina, ghee, cashews, raisins & powdered sugar. It is a fairly easy sweet to make at home due to the simple process involved. Semolina is roasted till it is mildly cooked without letting it change colour and then is bound together with sugar, cashew , raisins that are roasted in ghee. The sweet is made by rolling this mixture into balls that are easy to carry and bite into when hungry. The shape is very playful and is loved by children for that reason. The texture of this sweet is very soft and the joy of eating it involves the mixture getting stuck to your palette due its soft consistency. Rava Laddu is a delicacy that is enjoyed all over India and is also considered a great snacking option especially during travel. The dish is commonly made and eaten during Diwali and loved by all due to its rich taste but simple appearance. This sweet can also be made in a healthier manner with the substitution of sugar with jaggery like most health conscious people do these days. Rava Laddu can be enjoyed by the young and old as it is soft to bite into and a great sweet excuse for those who have a sweet tooth. Rava laddu is a wonderful option for those who crave for sweets and are calorie conscious.

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