Paati’s Ready Podis Bundle

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Coconut rice podi is a blessing for those who want to make easy rice mixes. Coconut rice podi is made using dried coconut,urad dal, red chilli, hing, & salt. This mix makes life so easy as all you have to do is mix it with your rice and hot oil to blend it together. Enjoy your instant coconut rice podi when you crave for that taste of home, instantly.

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Milagu Kozhambu is an emotion, the texture that it has is incomparable to anything else. This unique Milagu Kozhambu Podi is an answer to most of our prayers as it is made using a recipe that is literally made using your Grandmother's recipe. Instant Milagu Kozhmbu, all you have to do is mix it with salt, gingelly oil & tadka mustard seeds.

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Angaya Podi is your one pinch soloution for a stomach cleanse. Anagaya podi is that magical powder that is made using sundakai, manathakali, vepam poo, kandathipili, arisi thippili, sitharathai,sukku, paranga pattai and a few more ingredients that are so unique that you will probably need assistance from your grandmother to identify them. Angaya podi will help cleanse your stomach and your soul through its medicinal properties when blended together.

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