Anil Millet Vermicelli Bundle

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Stay healthy by buying and cooking with Millet Vermicelli.


Anil Varagu vermicelli is the healthy replacement option instead of the regular rice vermicelli. It is rich in protein and a great choice for those managing diabetes. Varagu vermicelli can be enjoyed for a quick healthy snack and as a light dinner choice.

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Anil Corn vermicelli is a special type of vermicelli as it is unlike the regular rice vermicelli. Corn vermicelli tastes great when made for an evening snack or for a light lunch. Corn vermicelli can be made crisp or soft depending on the taste preferences of the people enjoying it.

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Anil Kambu Vermicelli is another healthy option in the market for those looking at including healthier grains in their diet in comparison with the rice vermicelli. Kambu vermicelli is lower on the glycemic index than rice and thereby is a great option for those trying to manage diabetes. Kambu vermicelli is rich in Protein and is a yummy way to include the right nutrients into your diet.

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Anil Thinai vermicelli is a healthy option instead of the rice vermicelli that is the norm. In comparison with the rice variety, it is very low on the glycemic index that makes it perfect for people trying to curb diabetes. Thinai Vermicelli has a crunchier taste that just adds to its appeal.

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Anil Ragi Vermicell

Ragi Semia is made from the flour of Ragi extracted during the milling process. The Indian authentic noodles of Ragi are used in the preparation of many dishes. They can be prepared in variations like Ragi Upma with plenty of vegetables. It is best to add it to your morning meal or have it for lunch. Ragi vermicelli is also used in sweet dishes along with a combination of sugar or jaggery and grated coconut.

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